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"I´m at the crossroad of my destiny and desire
Oh, God, what will I be
And my obsession is the gasoline to feed my fire
Oh it´s burning in me"
:Blackie in the Arena Of Pleasure

I am one of those peoples who don´t know what to want from life. I´v been always like that. So therefore i think there is a great vacuum inside me. I think that i am trying to fill that vacuum with my stories and poems and my other story telling hobbys. Ever since i discovered "my new found desire" i been in love with it. I love to write. I love to make stories, destinys, peoples, everything...I just love that. I think that´s to me same as to Jonathan in Crimson Idol.

"Only way that i could truely express myself.
They are the way to vent all my frustations and all my pain"
I am what i write. No less...

It was 1995. It was a summer. I had been out of army half a year and still I hated that place like I still was in there. But I was´nt. I was out of there and I was glad of it. But yet i was angry. There was a kind of frozen hate inside me that I felt against my soul everytime i turned. Everything I saw was dirty, meaningless... I felt dark, grim, crazy. There was´nt anything that i really did care like I needed to. And I kept all that inside me for the fear of that what would happen if i ever let it out. And then...It came... "Still Not Black Enough" And W.A.S.P. was back in my life after nine years. That album had everything in it that i was back then and more. It had a message to me. And I'm not talking any kind psychosis here when i say message. Anyways the message is and it was there only to be heard from part of right person.

"Am I a prisoner of the universe? Is destiny fixed among the stars?
Should I cry or laugh? All I know is that
the best time to laugh is anytime you can"
:Scared To Death

"Pain my soul in indigo and ebony for me.
No colour seen in myeyes, none in my eyes.
I´m naked in my misery emotions stripped to bone.
I see inside the heart of me It´s still not black enough for me
:Still Not Black Enough

However it was songs like "I Can´t" and "No Way Out Of Here" that were exactly who I was and where i was going. And I learned that I was scared to death because of that what I had learned. About a half year later i started to write. And then. I was´nt so angry anymore. I was´nt sacred or I did´nt felt dark or grim. I understood that i had met myself a first time in my life. And I liked that of who I was. Well... not of all that. But I liked the direction where I was heading.

My first W.A.S.P. influenced work isn't a poem at all. It is a short story that i wrote to my good friend in Christmas of ´96 as christmas present for him. I really had a hard time to greate a story in one day that i got a time to do it. My head was out of ideas that were in right size. I pondered the whole day of that story without result. And then, when the day ended I heard it from my CD player. I was listening "Headless Children" and some of it's lines came part of that story. And I got some influence from that song so the story did'nt end up being a very much of a christmas story. But it became my best written story to that date.

After that, I think many of my works are influenced by W.A.S.P and expecially Blackie's songwriting and his thoughts. I think I am in many ways like him.

Some of the poems of this...well...collection are written to a good friend of mine who's playing a Vampire roleplaying Game in net and he's character is a Vampire who writes poems, so he asked if I could write him a couple poems, and I said; Hell yeah. So that's the reason why some of them are like they are. But Vampires or not they all are influenced by Blackie and guys. When I'm now looking at em I saw that influence even greater that what is was when I wrote those buckers. First I did´nt even realize it until I started to think a name for one of them. Then after i saw the connection to my life what I once knew, it was easy to me figured out the name to it altought the poem itself isn't so much a W.A.S.P like than the name. I'm talking about "No Way Out".

"No Way Out":
is a pretty easy poem. Kind of a confession. There is no any deeper meanings in it. It is what it says it is to you, but to me it's a part of me. Like all my stuff i write. Althought it's so short and simple I do like it very much.

"The Mathematics Of The Mirror":
Is my first W.A.S.P influenced poem. I wrote it about a year ago. It's a way lot deeper and meaninfull poem than "No Way Out" is and in that way i think it's better. I wrote it in under great influence of W.A.S.P after listening "Crimson" about a week or so. Same time a had a little crisis inside my head of that who the hell I am because I really did'nt had a clear picture of that why the hell I was there where i was at that point of my life. It's also a first version of "Paradox". And same time it's a sequel to it.

"The Black Raven":
Is writen in pretty much same time with "Mathematics Of The Mirror" and it's again kind of a easy thing that reveals my thoughts at that point. I kind a wrote it from "Still Not Black Enough's" cover picture put togerther with my attitude at then.

"At One Night":
Got a little to do with myself and the W.A.S.P influence is small. Very small. But I'm putting it to this thing because I wrote it right after "No Way Out" and to me it is like a memory from those times before I started to write. So to me there is a connection that perhaps anothers cannot see.

"Hail To Death":
Is writen little before "Black Raven" and to me it shows again a connection that is more personal than lyrical. I was really depressed back then. I did'nt think of commiting suicide or anything but I felt that i had to do something like "Hail To Death".

"Paradox Of The Mirror":
Is one of the best things I have ever made. I think that everyone can see the influence of our masters here. This poem is really something that I am. When you read it you learn things about me that I can never tell to no one for fear of their reaction.

"The Hunger":
Is a poem althougth it may sound like a song like my friend said to me. There is that great influence again. it's gone to lyrical level at this time and when I saw it I think it was a good thing thats what I thought it was. I mean just look at those words. To me they sound very much like K.F.D. or something. they are. I am really proud of some of em. But not one of em can ever rise to level where i consider "Paradox" It really worked itself up. I marely write it up like I was listening it from the tape that was inside my head. I hope that you girls (and guys) are enjoyng of them because to me they mean a lot. I've been noticing that I enjoyed writing these "forewords", so try to hang on althought they may seem endless.

This is who I am.
No more... no less...


Ville"Gamemaster" Sannikka
10th of July 1999.



The black Raven;
A messenger of our legacy,
The slave of it's cause,
and the slaughter in the
unknown dream
comes and stares into my
helpless soul,
And it's eyes are dark as
dead hope,
It's glaws like roots to it's
unknown kingdom,
It's black eyes sees the truth
within me, Truth within you,
Truth within all of us,
And the truth is dead
like ravens eyes

We no longer are here,
Yestarday is dead,
Present is suffering
and tomorrow never
sees it's birth,
Only the dying birth cry of
three faces of time
howls their agony to
ravens faceless ears;
We are no longer here,
We are just the memory,
The memory of a dead
A dream whitch once
was called by the name:
And a dream that only
Raven sees
with it's dead eyes

The time has died
into mans madness,
And we are gone;
A ghosts in the eyes of Raven,
Prisoners of it's soul,
And masters of it's dead life

We are gone
We are gone


The black Raven behind my eyes
is filling them with it´s lies
And the hidden madness in my mind
isn´t anymore so hard to find


The Door opens
Inside steps the One with the cause

But who´s cause?
He's or Yours?
Thus matters not, for the cause has
no meaning but to be simply a
cause for the quest

But who´s quest? He´s or Yours?
Thus matters neighter for the quest
has no meaning but to be
simply a quest of cause

The Cause...
The Quest...
We are all the same
and we are all the One

So let Us continue

And the One has closed the Door
Can You see Him anymore? You can See Him as
You have never Seen Him before

The dreadfull Darkness all around Him
And the faceless Mirrors too
Nothing but Mirrors and Darkness
Darkness and Mirrors
Or the Mirrors in the Darkness
or the Darkness in the Mirrors
They are all the same
They are all the One

And the One with the cause for the quest
looks upon the faceless Mirrors
and walks upon them
and stops upon them
and speaks upon them

And He say´s to Mirrors:

Before Thee I stand
and before Thee I ask
Who am I?

There is no Image in the Mirror
Only the Darkness

And the One with the cause holds
no peace for the quest until the cause
shall speak
And therefore He ask´s the second question:

Why am I here?
The Darkness...

And the One with the cause is frightened
by the silence
And why would´nt He be
It is...
...The Silence

So the One with the cause ask´s the third
and final question
And He ask´s:

What do I want?

But yet
...The Darkness...
Both as deep as the question

And then
The Mirrors are gone
The Darkness is gone
The Silence is gone
The quest is over
The cause does not understand itself
and the One with the cause has lost himself
to paradox of the Mirror´s

And now
Real final question is upon Us
What now?
Do You know?
Do I know?
Does He know?
What about the Darkness and
the Mirrors?
Or the cause and the quest?
Do they know?
Thus has no meaning
For We are all the same
We Are...
all the One

The Door opens
and outside steps the One
And closes the Door behind


I am a killer
and therefore I am a sinner
I have no way out
Not even with scream and shout

After me comes the past
and it´s way too fast
No way out
Not even with scream and shout

Before me waits tomorrow with it´s dues
and I have too much to loose

The present is here
And it´s filled with fear
and I still see no way out
not even with scream and shout


I am death
upon your bed
You will die
that i cannot lie
But let it be so
and then i must go

Listen...That´s the end
But hey...
it means no more rent
I am beast
and you are my feast
it is your part
try not to take it so hard

Now your blood has been spilled
and my hunger is filled
My night is done
but yours is just to come


I stand before the Mirror
and I watch what I see
But i cannot see myself in all those
faces in my eyes

But then again who of us could say that;
I can

Indeed for that what we are
is getting it´s final shape in the eyes
of others
for we are the sum of our actions
and words
count by the ones who we see


Oh Death
I call thy name
Thee who are the dark whisper
in the scream
And thee who walk behind
the shadows of the night
and the light of the day

Oh Death
I call thy name for I am no
more than the child of dust
and therefore I must

Oh Death
Will these chains made of flesh
and this dungeon called memory
fall from upon me as thy command

Oh Death
I call thy name
and wait thy command for i know
that there is no way out of this
dungeon but yours

Oh Death
I call
and I wait


I watch the roof of my thoughts
And it wakes
The Storm

Red madness in my veins
It begin´s it´s reign
like an acid rain
And my thoughts sink on the sea
of death flesh

Black thunder
and red lighting across my sky
To here
my consiousness comes to die

In here I realize
I´m just a hand
I am just the eyes
I am just a body

This is my last day
and I can't even swimm away
Nothing left but dead will
and wicked kill

Black thunder and
red lighting across my sky
in here my consiousness
shall die


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