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The Children Of Lawless's First Interview with Blackie
~September 17th 1999~

Check out the following interviews conducted by Roger Lotring
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'Death from Above' by Sylvia Simmons
~Sounds 25th June 1983~

'The Shape of Stings to Come' by Robbi Millar
~ Sounds 16th June 1984 ~

'Chain Male' by Dante Bonutto
~Kerrang 7th Feb 1985~

'Buzz Sore' by Martyn Strickland
~Sounds 19th October 1985~

'Beast Meets West' by Dante Bonutto
~Kerrang 27th November 1985~

'Battle of the Bans' by Malcolm Dome
~ Kerrang - 1985 (issue 102) ~

'The Lawless Brigade' by Don Mueller
~Hit Parader 1985~

'A Different Sting' by Dave Ling
~Metal Hammer October 1986~

'Shoot From The Hip' - by Rick Evans
~Hit Parader April 1987~

'The Rack is Back' by Dave Ling
~Metal Hammer August 1987~

'Gory Days' by Mick Wall
~Kerrang September 1987~

Blood Will Flow
~ Hit Parader March 1988 ~

'Sawblades & Black Magic' by Chris Welch
~Kerrang April 1988~

'Sting in the Tale' by Jill Eckersly
~International Musician June 1989~

'W.A.S.P. Where Is Thy Sting' by Barry Egan
~New Musical Express 3rd June 1989~

'Shakesphere's Brother' by Chris Marlowe
~RAW Power May/June 1992 ~

'The Work Of Idol Hands' by Andy Bradshaw
~Metal Hammer June 1992~

'None More Blackie' by Dave Reynolds
Kerrang October 24th 1992

'Came! Saw! Conquered!' by Sylvie Simmons
~Kerrang ~ November 13th 1993 ~

'Return Of The Sting' by Jessica Willis
Hit Parader July 1997

'Return of the Horror' by Paul Gargano
Movie Mirror October 1997 

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