The Widow by Sara E. Robbins

You see in my eyes,
the great wrath of demons,
I've loved the beasts and the liars.
Graveyards of time are the fields which
I roam, So alone,So alone.

The part of me that no one sees,
the black beneath is no more.
I find myself in the dove's embrace,
Soaring near to heaven's golden shore.

His wings enfold me,
So not alone
My heart it cries,
Flesh cut to the bone.

Eyes of fire, hair of black,
He stands before me,
I can never look back.
The heaven before me,
looks like Hell.
I embrace it though, held in
his ruby spell.

I am the widow of his thousand wars.
The soul that sold,
Her soul for him,
A hundred times,
No answer giv'n.

I watched him breathe,
I watched him die,
A million times,
Before he could live and learn to fly.

The famines of the overstuffed,
the feasts of the starving.
Somewhere in between we
lurk about.

Invincible are we,
The chosen two,
For whom time has stopped.
In this instant I am frozen,
My effigy complete.

Thanks Sara

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