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Blackie Lawless Reflects on the End of 2023 W.A.S.P. European Tour

The European Leg of the 2023, "40th Anniversary World", is now complete and in the books. As I look back there have been spectacular moments we in the Band will never forget. The walls shaking back stage from the fans stamping their feet at the London Round House, in Belfast where at the end of the show I had to scream as loud as I could to say "goodnight" because the roar of the crowd was so overwhelming it was overriding the P.A. system. Sold out show after sold out show greeted us at almost every stop along the way. Yeah I had that injury with my back and it hurt like hell and I was forced to finish the tour sitting in Elvis' chair when I made the joke in one of the shows, "when this tour started at the end of the night I'd get up and ride on Elvis, now we're at the end of the tour and Elvis is riding on me! There have been so many nights where we will take the memory of the places and your faces with us the rest of our lives.

For those of you that were there, each of you absolutely felt the intensity of the tension in the air by the time the Band would reach the end of the show and the rooms were going totally insane!

These gigs were "rockin" and everyone there, including the Band could feel it. We would come off stage for the encore and there were times it was so loud we could not communicate with each other.

For myself and all the Band and Crew, you waited, some of you for years, and for all the Madness, Craziness and Love you gave us on this tour, for 40 years of support, we say,


Now the 2nd U.S. Tour begins, and then on to South America and Mexico. We're gonna be Loud... We're gonna be Nasty... We're gonna be that Electric Circus where the animals all are insane... God Help Us!!!

Coming Soon... to a Rock N' Roll Insane Asylum Near You, on August 4th!!!

B. L.

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